Reconciling the Opposites Within Us

and in the World Around Us.

Both ONLINE & IN PERSON for the first time

June 2023




Ottawa – Canada


About the

1st Pathwork Hybrid International Conference.

First Hybrid format for the International Conference after exclusively holding it in person in one country for over 30 years.

A unique event that combines in-person and online experiences for the first time.

The recording to all the presentations will be made available to everyone who has registered to the conference for 6 months.


Welcome to the International Conference – a groundbreaking event for the entire Pathwork community! Join us in person at Ottawa, Canada, or attend online from the comfort of your own home from June 15-19, 2023.

For over 30 years, the Pathwork International Conference has been a staple in the community, and this year, we’re excited to introduce our innovative hybrid format. Our four-day event is packed with teaching, exercises, meditations, and interactive sessions led by teachers from around the world.

With our amazing platform, you can experience the conference like never before and connect with your Pathwork community from every corner of the globe. Get inspired, expand your knowledge, and apply new discoveries in various areas of your personal and professional life.

All presentations will be recorded and made available for a period of Six months after the conference, so you can revisit and review the concepts at your leisure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Pathwork community and elevate your personal and professional growth.


In-Person Only

Please join a special 2-day, Leadership meeting June 14 & 15, 2023
, to be held before the International Conference.

The Pathwork Foundation is creating a dedicated space for Pathwork leaders*.
from all over the world to gather and focus on where they may need support and inner work so that they can best serve their call.

Leaders must often address challenges within their communities as well as meet the varying responses to their own leadership in constructive ways. Sometimes administrative tasks demand significant attention and energy. So the inner work of leadership can get slighted as they are challenged to find the time and assistance they need to delve into their personal work.

Along with the wisdom of the circle, this dedicated space will be held by senior Pathwork Helpers Brian O’Donnell and Lorraine Marino, who will create a nonjudgmental space for leaders to meet their edges and blind spots.

** If you are a leader in your region, we invite you to partake in this healing forum and bring issues and challenges you carry in your role as leader. Please register and or contact us with any questions.


$ 300
  • R$1500.00 PAYMENT IN UP TO 12 installments


  • Meet and interact directly with Pathwork teachers.

  • Interact, connect, and embrace peers from your worldwide community all in one place.

  • Stay and participate in all activities for 5 days on the beautiful campus of Carleton University of Canada.

  • Teachings, exercises, meditations, and interactive sessions.

  • Be inspired by the new discoveries of Pathwork professionals from different areas of personal and professional life.

  • Also, consider attending the pre-conference on June 14th and 15th to see if it’s right for you.


  • You will have access to our virtual conference platform, where you will be able to attend lectures, exercises, meditations, discussion panels, and thematic sessions.

  • From thought-provoking lectures and energizing exercises to meditative sessions and interactive panel discussions.

  • Listen and learn from Pathwork teachers from different parts of the world.

  • Participate in discussion groups and other online spaces.

  • You’ll connect with people in our community from around the world.

  • Be inspired by the new discoveries of Pathwork professionals from different areas and take it to your personal and professional life.


Engage in a deep exploration of the light and dark currents that when left unconscious and unattended to, divide and rule our psyches and get projected out onto the world around us. Explore bringing the light and dark elements together, making us and our communities more whole, animated by unitive consciousness.

Hosted by the Pathwork Communities of Ottawa, Great Lakes, and Vermont





Note that the agenda may adjust but we will be providing a wide variety of experiences – times to pray, meditate, learn, engage with others, socialize!

* The entire schedule follows Eastern Time / New York Time. View the schedule in your local time zone.

9:00 am - 6:00 pm Ottowa, CA

Leardership Meeting

Leardership Meeting - Only In-Person -

Brian O'Donnell
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Ottowa, CA

Leardership Meeting

Leardership Meeting - Only In-Person -

Brian O'Donnell
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Opening Ceremony

Paul Paquette
9:00 am - 9:25 am Ottawa, CA

The Inner Tree - Moving Meditation

Olga Tanaka | Live transmission

Olga Tanaka Boardman
9:35 am - 12:05 pm Ottawa, CA

Reconciling Opposite with Ourselves and In the World around us

Sagewalker | Live transmission
This Opening Presentation will introduce us to the theme of this conference.
The Opposite of Love is Hate. The Guide calls us to face our Opposites. They dwell in the hidden crevices of our heart, out of sight, hidden in our unconscious. To be able to live the love that resides in every pore of our being, we need to face that which opposes this truth. These Opposing forces, when reconciled bring about a state of Union. “What we meet” and “the way” we meet Opposites on the outer, is a direct mirror as to how we meet them on the inner level. In a state of Union we learn, our Enemy is actually our Friend.
Without this deeper Work of the Path few have chosen, we remain conflicted and divided inwardly and outwardly. This Work is a profound Reckoning with our Masks, and with our real level of Self-Responsibility.
In the workshop following this presentation, we will each have an opportunity to enter this Personal and Collective Reckoning. With Compassion and Mercy, we will open to the astonishing realization of our devotion to the Mind, and open to the heart we have forsaken. We will see how their reconciliation as opposites, leads us to embodying Unity….Heaven on Earth.

Sage Walker
12:05 pm - 2:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

Awakening The Spiritual Potentials

Presenter: Olga Tanaka
Unification and peace arise to the degree that you recognize and accept the nature of inner conflict. The battle between real needs and false needs The objective of this workshop is to recognize the insistence on remaining hooked on false needs, on demanding that conditions be different and that life compensates them. Recognize the truth of how their unrecognized and legitimate childhood needs created fear and pain that they did not want and were unable to fully experience. We will work with each type of personality and their needs, both real and false.
Awakening spiritual potentials is also about accessing the ever-present forces of life, all of which exist within and around you. These powers can be used to heal, to help, and to increase fulfillment and awareness in self and others. #192

Olga Tanaka Boardman
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

To Be in the World, but Not of the World – Aligning with the Christ Light and the Divine Feminine.

Isabelle Meulnet | Live Transmission
This workshop offers participants a way back to hope and courage, through positive intentionality and opening to the Christ Light and Love within. This theme proposes a way out of humanity’s current state of division, hopelessness, and despair; it aims to demonstrate that, by aligning with the current influx of Christ Consciousness we will access the inner Divine Feminine. Under the guidance of the great Mother, we will be able to midwife this planet to the next state of love, union, peace, and bliss. The way back to hope requires an adjustment of perceptions and attitudes – an ability to align with Divine Love and feel deeply without judgment and reactivity. When we embody the qualities of gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, purity and innocence, we access hope and find the courage to live in love, regardless of what chaos and division might be happening around us.
This event is both a lecture presentation and workshop with experiential exercises.

Isabelle Meulnet
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

Racial Reckoning Pathwork Style

Presenter: Renee and Kimberly
This gathering will use Pathwork principals (idealized self-image, automatic reflex, images) to explore the “master narrative” (cultural narrative of hierarchy) and how it is internalized as race-based images (our “inner white supremacist”). We will propose that these race-based images are embedded in the unconscious body-mind of both black and white bodies. Fundamental to Pathwork is making the unconscious conscious and increasing our capacity to be with the “worst in ourselves, without losing faith in ourselves.” Working with individual and collective avoidance, bringing race-based automatic reflexes to consciousness, and practicing image dissolution increases our ability to experience equality as a reality.
“What is the truth?” “The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situation which we seek to escape but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us and which knows only the oppressors’ tactics, the oppressors’ relationships.” AUDRE LORDE

Renee Whatley
Kimberly Middleton
3:55 pm - 4:15 pm Ottawa, CA

Class Break

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Ottawa, CA

The Collection of Never before released photographs, audio recordings, and writings of Eva Pierrakos.

Alan Saly | Live transmission
Never before released photographs, audio recordings, and writings of Eva Pierrakos. The Brossmann/Pierrakos Collection:

Alan Saly
5:45 pm - 7:45 pm Ottawa, CA

Dinner Break

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Dance and Drum

9:00 am - 9:25 am Ottawa, CA

Prayer Sculpture Meditation

Jean Millar
9:00 am - 9:25 am Ottowa, CA

Surrender to the Breathing life of All Meditation

Nadya Beck | Live Transmission

Nadya Beck
9:35 am - 12:05 pm Ottawa, CA

Working with Opposites in Dreams

Ingrid Schirrholz | Live Transmission
Dreaming is an involuntary process. In our dreams we can access deeper levels of consciousness and unconsciousness/subconsciousness, bringing to light inner and outer themes and conflicts as well as the resources we have to deal with them. In nearly all dreams we can identify a duality or polarity that we are dealing with in our lives. Through enactment we can bring the dream characters representing these polarities to life. This enables us to find new ways of dealing with them by learning to hold the tension field of opposites and accessing greater consciousness.
The Pathwork and the 50/50 teachings provide the framework for this exploration of opposites in dreams showing us where we are in 100/100 (either-or) consciousness, how to be in 50/50 (and-and) consciousness and how to touch into unity.

Ingrid Schirrholz
12:05 pm - 2:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

How can we Better Align with our Positive Intentionality?

Presenter: Jean Michel Lambot
By seeking, admitting and acknowledging our negativities, in truth, let us discover the negative concept within and initiate a change of intention by clearly formulating the commitment from negative to positive.
How can we better align with our positive intentionality?
We are powerful creators, in the positive as well as in the negative, not only in our actions, but also through our thoughts and emotions. Opposites"" are not foreign bodies imposed on us from outside. Before trying to reconcile them, we must observe them well, without any shame and with patience. Our feelings are multiple, they go in all directions. But do they contribute to a world of peace and joy or to a world of war and separation?
A conscious observation of what you feel will allow you to accept each of your currents and to choose your life direction in consciousness.
The lecture will be followed by a practical exercise to make good use of your observation and transformation process by clearly formulating the commitment from negative to positive.

Jean Michel Lambot
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

How Does Quantum Mechanics Bridge the Worlds of Science and Spirituality?

Presenter: Jac Conaway
What can Quantum Theory offer to our connection to an element of spirituality - reincarnation?
Can we as Helpers hold our integrity intact in this apparent ‘duality’ between our modern, science based physical world \ And what is presented by The Guide? Can we embrace any confusion about these topics, as a doorway to altering our perceptions and their impact on our sense of what is reality?

Jac Conaway
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

Pain or Pleasure – Finding the Unitive Principle Within - Apparent Opposites

Madeline Dietrich | Live Transmission
In reconciling opposites, a central duality is that of pleasure and pain – what the Guide calls the “great misconception” – that our human experience should be only one or the other.
We know a lot about pain – it grabs our attention and motivates us to change. But what is the spiritual significance of pleasure? The Pathwork Guide offers it’s easier for humans to tolerate pain, than to acclimatize to deeper states of pleasure. We have a lot to learn here, and if we’re ever to collectively evolve from our global obsession with pain and suffering – in the forms of war, inequities, and environmental degradation, just to mention a few, than we need desperately, to give as much attention to understanding the true nature and purpose of pleasure. We need to utilize what the Guide calls the “healing balm of pleasure” for us to heal and collectively expand our capacity for it. This workshop will give you a window into the Unlock Pleasure focus, created by Canadian ""Senior Helper"" Madeline Dietrich. This works draws from The Guide Pathwork Lectures, Somatic Experiencing (a somatic based modality for trauma treatment), and Madeline’s many years as a Pathwork student and Helper, and a Somatic Therapist.

Madeline Dietrich
3:55 pm - 4:15 pm Ottawa, CA

Class Break

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Ottawa, CA

Exploring our Longing and Resistance to Social Change

Aimee Falchuk | Live Transmission
Plato coined the term anthropological principle in which he viewed our systems and institutions as an expression of the human soul in its oftentimes messy attempt to meet life, wrestle with ego, and discover what is true.”
The process of awakening our social consciousness is the same as the process of awakening any other aspect of ourselves. Understanding our societal ills and our role in them as perpetrator, victim, colluder, enabler or problem solver, requires an inquiry into our narratives and beliefs as well as the willingness to expose our negative intentions—and to reconcile opposites and contradictions that live within us. The Pathwork has tremendous value in supporting this process of discovery. The Guide’s teachings on idealized self image, mask, lower self, higher self, pride, self-will, fear, emotion, reason and will – among others—are all factors that contribute to our societal ills and social consciousness and should be explored as part of our collective evolution. This interactive session will explore through teaching and sharing how we can bring these concepts into our conversations about social change. Applied Core Energetics techniques wil be brought into session to embody these concepts in a way that can allow for deeper exploration.

Aimee Falchuk
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Ottawa, CA

The Courage to Feel all Feelings: The Inner World and Outer Life Unification

Presenter: Andre Gabriel
"How does inner creation bring us closer or further away from life? What we can recognize in the field of feelings, attitudes, beliefs and images that frees us from separation between intention and creation? The Pathwork shows us that the recognition of personal creation at the unconscious level allows you to release misconceptions and make new settings. The tools of gratitude, otherness, acceptance of immaturity and recognition of authority will be used in the lecture with exercises of search and reflection on internal images, negative intentionality and fear of surrender to the divine within. A recognition and release meditation will be taught to activate clogged energy centers"

Andre Gabriel
5:45 pm - 7:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Dinner Break

9:00 am - 9:25 am Ottawa, CA


Marianne Hubert | Live Transmission

Marianne Hubert
9:35 am - 12:05 pm Ottawa, CA

Healing the Split Within Us is a Path to World Peace

Judith Garten | Live Transmission
Judith Garten's presentation is inspired by her close encounters with Rwanda's genocide survivors and the impact of The Holocaust on her early childhood. Her studies of these two events and her long connection with the Pathwork lectures has led her to understand how these calamities were created. We will explore how the Guide's teachings point the way out of the dark to light a path to a more peaceful world.

Judith Garten
12:05 pm - 2:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

Identifying and Reconciling the Opposites in an LGBTQ+ Lived Experience

Presenter: Richard Carlson
In this presentation, participants will learn about the many considerations specific to understanding the lived experience of LGBTQ+ people in our communities. You will learn more about the intersections of a Queer child’s reactions to their caregivers, and their subsequent reactions to the larger heteronormative society leading to defenses and “splits”. You will come to understand more about the splits within each person’s relationship to themselves, to those close to them, and to the larger heteronormative society. You will gain a greater appreciation of how we can work with and reconcile these splits within ourselves, our workers, our communities, with more caring, compassionate, and conscious connection.

Richard Carlson
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA


Marianne Hubert l Live Transmission
I am Marianne Hubert and have been channeling a spiritual entity as a guide for almost 20 years. I eagerly await the opportunity to channel messages from the higher realms and listen to what the guide has to transmit to us, according to what is appropriate for us during this event.

Marianne Hubert
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm Ottawa, CA

Journey from Fear to Inner Light

Presenter: Judith Gomez
This presentation has the purpose to create an experiential journey from the Individual Sphere of Consciousness where fear, self-victimization and ignorance create an obstacle to contact the resources of our Healthy Ego through Self Responsibility and connect the 50/50 Consciousness to align to the Real Self, the Higher Self and the Inner Light that connects us with Unity. Through movement, observation and dance, participants will travel through the Spheres of Consciousness towards experiencing their Inner Light.

Judith Gomez de Leon
3:55 pm - 4:15 pm Ottawa, CA

Class Break

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Ottawa, CA

Teaching Pathwork to Children. They are Ready!

Janaina Rocha l Live Transmission
I want to show the world that children and teenagers are ready to embrace the Pathwork, having support to live the truth that beats in their hearts!!!
As a Pediatric Dentist I learned intimacy with the world of children. As an Anthroposophical Dentist, I learned about the depth of healing that can be there, for each being. As a Family Constellator, I learned to include without judgment. With Pathwork I learned self-responsibility and to be myself. With all these tools I created my playground: the PATHWORK where we learn through play!
Come experience Self-knowledge in a fun and playful way with me!""

Janaina Rocha
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Ottawa, CA

A Mystical Journey Through Song & Story

Presenter: Liam Quirk
You Are the One: A Mystical Journey Through Song & Story is part performance, part teaching, and part experiential journey. In addition to songs and stories, Liam will present Pathwork lessons from his book Being & Becoming and from Pathwork Lecture 175, Consciousness: Fascination with Creation. Meditations and discussions will invite you to explore new ways of experiencing your spiritual journey as a path of opening to and welcoming mystery in the unfolding and manifestation of your real self.

Liam Quirk
5:45 pm - 7:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Dinner Break

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Talent Show

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Talent Show

9:00 am - 9:25 am Ottowa, CA

I am in Unity with the Whole- Meditation

Judith Gomez | Live Transmission

Judith Gomez de Leon
9:35 am - 10:50 am Ottawa, CA

The Pathwork Today

Live Transmission

Paul Paquette
11:05 am - 12:00 pm Ottawa, CA

Closing Ceremony

Live Transmission

Paul Paquette
12:00 pm - 2:00 am Ottawa, CA

Lunch Break

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