20- Teaching Pathwork to Children. They are Ready!

I want to show the world that children and teenagers are ready to embrace the Pathwork, having support to live the truth that beats in their hearts!!! As a Pediatric Dentist I learned intimacy with the world of children. As an Anthroposophical Dentist, I learned about the depth of healing that can be there, for each being. As a Family Constellator, I learned to include without judgment. With Pathwork I learned self-responsibility and to be myself. With all these tools I created my playground: the PATHWORK where we learn through play! Come experience Self-knowledge in a fun and playful way with me!"

Available Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
Janaina Rocha

Janaina Rocha do Amaral Brazilian, Odontopediatrician for 25 years, Anthroposophical Dentist, Family Constellator and Pathwork student since 2016.

Conference Tutorial

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