21- A Mystical Journey Through Song & Story

You Are the One: A Mystical Journey Through Song & Story is part performance, part teaching, and part experiential journey. In addition to songs and stories, Liam will present Pathwork lessons from his book Being & Becoming and from Pathwork Lecture 175, Consciousness: Fascination with Creation. Meditations and discussions will invite you to explore new ways of experiencing your spiritual journey as a path of opening to and welcoming mystery in the unfolding and manifestation of your real self.

Available Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
Liam Quirk

Liam Quirk is an Associate Helper who has facilitated numerous workshops for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork at Sevenoaks and online, including lecture studies for the GPS program. He is the author of Being & Becoming: Five Essential Pathwork Lessons, published 2021 by the Pathwork Press, as well as the books The Mind of God, Please Remember, and The NonSense of NonDual. Additionally, Liam is a singer-songwriter and has been teaching literature, writing and rhetoric at a New Jersey university for 20 years. Samples of Liam’s music, Pathwork teaching and essays can be found on his website: www.PathEssentials.com.

Conference Tutorial

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