Who we are Associação Pathwork® Ceará is a non-profit organization of a cultural nature, founded on July 13, 2007, with educational, scientific and self-knowledge purposes, which aims to contribute to human development. Our mission Promote and disseminate the development of the Pathwork® methodology, supporting and valuing the set of lectures, books and demonstrations on which it is based. We work with individual services, Study Groups and Personal Transformation Programs, as well as organize and/or collaborate in the execution of events, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring people to seek self-knowledge and spiritual evolution, contributing to a more harmonious and conscious. We currently offer: – Personal Transformation Pathwork Program – phase 1 (Class – E, module 11) – Path Solidarity Project (individual assistance at an affordable price by associated Helpers) Activities planned for the second semester: – Personal Transformation Pathwork Program – phase 1 (Class – F) – Personal Transformation Pathwork Program – phase 2 (Class – C)

Conference Tutorial

The video below will guide you through the conference platform