Pathwork Ottawa is our local community of Pathwork practice. The community includes some 80-100 people of various levels of interest, practice and commitment. Members range from curious guests who drop in to the odd event, to people who attend regular events, people who study individually or studied previously and remain connected to the community, to people who participate in intensive group retreats each year and have committed to being active and engaged in the community. Pathwork Ottawa has 3 local ‘Pathwork Helpers’ – individuals who have completed Helpership training and are available to help others on their path. We have several community Elders, a SpiritKeeper for the community, and a Vision and Planning Committee who hold the responsibility for actioning the main community activities and administration. Other events include the monthly Open Lecture series, ad hoc workshops and Lecture Study Groups, and Community Retreats (Pathwork experience required).

Conference Tutorial

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