Sage Walker

Senior Pathwork Helper, Toronto – Canada.

Sagewalker has been a therapist/counselor and educator since 1970.
Trained initially as a Social Worker and Bioenergetics Psychotherapist, she found Pathwork (or did it find her?) and became a helper in 1983. Since that time as a leader and educator, she has brought the Guide’s teachings to Helpership training, feminine spirituality, the spiritual significance of human relationship and sexuality, and the concept of Evil and its transcendence, along with her ongoing private practice with individuals and couples.
Sage lives relationship as a spiritual path as a spouse, mother, stepmother, aunt and grandmother and lover of the natural world.”

Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson is a Pathwork Helper, Board President, and (Former) Spiritual Leader from the Philadelphia Pathwork Region living in Central New Jersey. Richard is also a Mindfulness and Body Centered Psychotherapist specializing in working with LGBTQ+ identified clients living in a heteronormative and toxic system. Richard was introduced to the Pathwork lectures via Core Energetics in the mid-1990’s and first attended Pathwork weekends in Iowa City, Iowa. Richard moved to New Jersey and continued his work by joining a transformation program in 2001. He claimed Helpership in the Philadelphia region in 2012 and has lead intensives, and workshops in person and virtually. Richard identifies as a married, gay or same sex attracted, white, and cis-gendered male and uses He, Him, His pronouns.

Renee Whatley

Renee Whatley is an African American helper, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was trained by Carolyn Tilove and Lorraine Marino and has been teaching Pathwork in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh for close to forty years. Renee has been the Spiritual Director of Philadelphia Pathwork and has been instrumental in facilitating the birthing of the Pittsburgh Pathwork Region. Renee loves conducting Pathwork workshops, training Pathwork teachers. Renee’s work is infused with laughter, body awareness and a commitment to following the “lead of the lectures.” Until quite recently, Renee has held the distinction and the trauma of being the only African American helper. I think the count now is 3.

Paul Paquette

Paul Paquette has been learning from Pathwork since 1996. He completed several programs, including training as a helper. In 2018 he started serving as a trustee of the Pathwork Foundation and has served as President since 2020. Paul had an active business career as an auditor and regulatory compliance consultant in the financial services industry. He enjoys physical movement – hiking, swimming, and cycling!

Olga Tanaka Boardman

I’m from Mexico. In 1986 I studied Kabbalah, in 1991 I started my training in Core Energetics with John Pierrakos, there I got to know the Guide’s lectures for the first time, which generated a great curiosity to explore more about this path. During the training, I also met Andrés Leites, who I consider the key instrument in my personal process of deepening the teachings of the Guide. Since then I have followed this path as my personal path in life, although I have several land trainings, my passion, my home is the Pathwork. Since 2007 I have been the Director of Pathwork Mexico, and I feel very blessed and committed to giving back to Pathwork what I received from it.

Marianne Hubert

Marianne Hubert is trained in Jungian Psychoanalysis and Transpersonal Psychology. She also leads “Le Troisième Pôle,” Pathwork in Belgium. A Helper, spiritual master, and trance channel, who created a deck of oracle cards: “The Divine Diary.” She is the author of “Embracing Our Imperfection”. Her work with the Pathwork lectures is enhanced by what she learned during her near-death experiences and the teachings of the spiritual being she channels.

Madeline Dietrich

Madeline Dietrich, M.A. S.E.P. is a Canadian, Senior Pathwork Helper, and Somatic Therapist, supporting embodied spirituality, and provides professional development training and facilitation in these areas.

She is the creator of a project called Unlock Pleasure which guides people to redefine and reclaim a wholistic relationship with pleasure, as a resource for healing and well-being. Unlock Pleasure draws from the teachings of The Pathwork Guide, Somatic Experiencing, and Madeline’s many years of working with individuals and groups on the topics of spirituality, embodiment, and sexuality.

Madeline has presented her work internationally in Japan, Israel, Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.

Liam Quirk

Liam Quirk is an Associate Helper who has facilitated numerous workshops for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork at Sevenoaks and online, including lecture studies for the GPS program. He is the author of Being & Becoming: Five Essential Pathwork Lessons, published in 2021 by the Pathwork Press, as well as the books The Mind of God, Please Remember, and The NonSense of NonDual. Additionally, Liam is a singer-songwriter and has been teaching literature, writing, and rhetoric at a New Jersey university for 20 years. Samples of Liam’s music, Pathwork teaching and essays can be found on his website:

Kimberly Middleton

Kimberly Middleton is a Pathwork® Associate Helper, offering individual sessions and group classes online and in the Greater WDC area. She is a trained Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) Teacher, Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT500), and public health/health disparities researcher. To learn more, please visit her website (Building resilience through Pathwork, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Yoga).

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