Isabelle Meulnet

Isabelle Meulnet

Isabelle Meulnet is a senior "Helper" from the Vermont Path. She discovered the Pathwork lectures in 1998 while studying at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She is also a bodyworker and a trained craniosacral therapist. Isabelle is passionate about the evolution of consciousness. She is in private practice in Montpelier, focusing on working with intentionality to facilitate the merging of consciousness and energy as a tool for healing and personal transformation. As a co-leader of Pathwork Vermont, Isabelle works with and teach individuals, classes, and groups, both in-person and remotely.

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
Ottawa, CA

To Be in the World, but Not of the World – Aligning with the Christ Light and the Divine Feminine.

Isabelle Meulnet | Live Transmission
This workshop offers participants a way back to hope and courage, through positive intentionality and opening to the Christ Light and Love within. This theme proposes a way out of humanity’s current state of division, hopelessness, and despair; it aims to demonstrate that, by aligning with the current influx of Christ Consciousness we will access the inner Divine Feminine. Under the guidance of the great Mother, we will be able to midwife this planet to the next state of love, union, peace, and bliss. The way back to hope requires an adjustment of perceptions and attitudes – an ability to align with Divine Love and feel deeply without judgment and reactivity. When we embody the qualities of gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, purity and innocence, we access hope and find the courage to live in love, regardless of what chaos and division might be happening around us.
This event is both a lecture presentation and workshop with experiential exercises.

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