Madeline Dietrich

Madeline Dietrich

Madeline Dietrich M.A. S.E.P. is Canadian, Senior Pathwork Helper, and Somatic Therapist, supporting embodied spirituality, and provides professional development training and facilitation in these areas.

She is the creator of a project called Unlock Pleasure which guiders people to redefine and reclaim a wholistic relationship with pleasure, as a resource for healing and well-being. Unlock Pleasure draws from the teachings of The Pathwork Guide, Somatic Experiencing, and Madeline’s many years of working with individuals and groups on the topics of spirituality, embodiment, and sexuality.

Madeline has presented her work internationally in Japan, Israel, Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. To find out more about her work visit her website at

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
Ottawa, CA

Pain or Pleasure – Finding the Unitive Principle Within - Apparent Opposites

Madeline Dietrich | Live Transmission
In reconciling opposites, a central duality is that of pleasure and pain – what the Guide calls the “great misconception” – that our human experience should be only one or the other.
We know a lot about pain – it grabs our attention and motivates us to change. But what is the spiritual significance of pleasure? The Pathwork Guide offers it’s easier for humans to tolerate pain, than to acclimatize to deeper states of pleasure. We have a lot to learn here, and if we’re ever to collectively evolve from our global obsession with pain and suffering – in the forms of war, inequities, and environmental degradation, just to mention a few, than we need desperately, to give as much attention to understanding the true nature and purpose of pleasure. We need to utilize what the Guide calls the “healing balm of pleasure” for us to heal and collectively expand our capacity for it. This workshop will give you a window into the Unlock Pleasure focus, created by Canadian ""Senior Helper"" Madeline Dietrich. This works draws from The Guide Pathwork Lectures, Somatic Experiencing (a somatic based modality for trauma treatment), and Madeline’s many years as a Pathwork student and Helper, and a Somatic Therapist.

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