Aimee Falchuk

Aimee Falchuk

Aimee Falchuk, MPH, M.ED, ACCEP is a Core Energetics Practitioner and member of the faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics. Aimee offers lectures through the New York Pathwork Region. Aimee also brings Pathwork to lay audiences through her writing on Aimee has a masters in public health from Columbia University, masters in education in counseling and psychology from Cambridge College and is a post-graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics. She sits on the Board of the Institute of Core Energetics and Mental Health America. Aimee currently lives in Alexandria VA.

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Ottawa, CA

Exploring our Longing and Resistance to Social Change

Aimee Falchuk | Live Transmission
Plato coined the term anthropological principle in which he viewed our systems and institutions as an expression of the human soul in its oftentimes messy attempt to meet life, wrestle with ego, and discover what is true.”
The process of awakening our social consciousness is the same as the process of awakening any other aspect of ourselves. Understanding our societal ills and our role in them as perpetrator, victim, colluder, enabler or problem solver, requires an inquiry into our narratives and beliefs as well as the willingness to expose our negative intentions—and to reconcile opposites and contradictions that live within us. The Pathwork has tremendous value in supporting this process of discovery. The Guide’s teachings on idealized self image, mask, lower self, higher self, pride, self-will, fear, emotion, reason and will – among others—are all factors that contribute to our societal ills and social consciousness and should be explored as part of our collective evolution. This interactive session will explore through teaching and sharing how we can bring these concepts into our conversations about social change. Applied Core Energetics techniques wil be brought into session to embody these concepts in a way that can allow for deeper exploration.

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