Conference Recordings

Conference recordings are sold exclusively as a package, giving you 6 months to watch all 25 Recordings. The package costs U$ 300.00 or R$1500,00. To purchase the recording package, simply click on the "Buy Package" button located on the right.

  1. Opening Ceremony
    • Paul Paquette & Organazing Committee
  2. The Inner Tree - Moving Meditation
    • Olga Tanaka
  3. Reconciling Opposite with Ourselves and In the World around us
    • Sagewalker
  4. Awakening The Spiritual Potentials
    • Olga Tanaka
  5. To Be in the World, but Not of the World – Aligning with the Christ Light and the Divine Feminine
    • Isabelle Meulnet
  6. Racial Reckoning Pathwork Style
    • Renee and Kimberly
  7. The Collection of Never before released photographs, audio recordings, and writings of Eva Pierrakos
    • Alan Saly
  8. Surrender to the Breathing life of All Meditation
    • Nadya Beck
  9. Working with Opposites in Dreams
    • Ingrid Schirrholz
  10. How can we Better Align with our Positive Intentionality?
    • Jean Michel Lambot
  11. How Does Quantum Mechanics Bridge the Worlds of Science and Spirituality?
    • Jac Conaway
  12. Pain or Pleasure – Finding the Unitive Principle Within - Apparent Opposites
    • Madeline Dietrich
  13. Exploring our Longing and Resistance to Social Change
    • Aimee Falchuk
  14. The Courage to Feel all Feelings: The Inner World and Outer Life Unification
    • Andre Gabriel
  15. Channeling Meditation
    • Marianne Hubert
  16. Healing the Split Within Us is a Path to World Peace
    • Judith Garten
  17. Identifying and Reconciling the Opposites in an LGBTQ+ Lived Experience
    • Richard Carlson
  18. Channelling
    • Marianne Hubert
  19. Journey from Fear to Inner Light
    • Judith Gomez
  20. Teaching Pathwork to Children. They are Ready!
    • Janaina Rocha
  21. A Mystical Journey Through Song & Story
    • Liam Quirk
  22. I am in Unity with the Whole- Meditation
    • Judith Gomez
  23. The Pathwork Today
    • Paul Paquette, Katleen Goldberg
  24. Closing Ceremony
    • Paul Paquette & Organizing Committee

Conference Tutorial

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