Andre Gabriel

Andre Gabriel

André Gabriel is Brazilian, Pathwork Helper, Family Constellator, Astrologer, Jungian Analyst, floral alchemist and student of Human Design, with a master's and Ph.D. Chemical Engineer. "The more I delve into the Pathwork, the more I take my life in its creative aspects, giving light to the dark aspects, increasing awareness of my immaturity, and perceiving the full evidence of my internal creations as the cause of the reality I live."

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Ottawa, CA

The Courage to Feel all Feelings: The Inner World and Outer Life Unification

Presenter: Andre Gabriel
"How does inner creation bring us closer or further away from life? What we can recognize in the field of feelings, attitudes, beliefs and images that frees us from separation between intention and creation? The Pathwork shows us that the recognition of personal creation at the unconscious level allows you to release misconceptions and make new settings. The tools of gratitude, otherness, acceptance of immaturity and recognition of authority will be used in the lecture with exercises of search and reflection on internal images, negative intentionality and fear of surrender to the divine within. A recognition and release meditation will be taught to activate clogged energy centers"

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