Jac Conaway

Jac Conaway

Jac Conaway has been a PW Helper since 1980, a CoreEnergetic Therapist since 1978. He has taught PW and Core at many places around the world other than in the NY City and other areas in the US.
He presently lives and works from his home near Phoenicia NY.

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
Ottawa, CA

How Does Quantum Mechanics Bridge the Worlds of Science and Spirituality?

Presenter: Jac Conaway
What can Quantum Theory offer to our connection to an element of spirituality - reincarnation?
Can we as Helpers hold our integrity intact in this apparent ‘duality’ between our modern, science based physical world \ And what is presented by The Guide? Can we embrace any confusion about these topics, as a doorway to altering our perceptions and their impact on our sense of what is reality?

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