Jean Michel Lambot

Jean Michel Lambot

Jean Michel Lambot is a Belgian Helper, trained by Marianne Hubert, he accompanies in individual and group sessions those who wish to pursue with him this magnificent path of self-discovery.

Lawyer and mediator in the field of over-indebtedness, Jean-Michel LAMBOT is specialized in the management of financial problems. He is also an experienced practitioner in relationship problems.

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
Ottawa, CA

How can we Better Align with our Positive Intentionality?

Presenter: Jean Michel Lambot
By seeking, admitting and acknowledging our negativities, in truth, let us discover the negative concept within and initiate a change of intention by clearly formulating the commitment from negative to positive.
How can we better align with our positive intentionality?
We are powerful creators, in the positive as well as in the negative, not only in our actions, but also through our thoughts and emotions. Opposites"" are not foreign bodies imposed on us from outside. Before trying to reconcile them, we must observe them well, without any shame and with patience. Our feelings are multiple, they go in all directions. But do they contribute to a world of peace and joy or to a world of war and separation?
A conscious observation of what you feel will allow you to accept each of your currents and to choose your life direction in consciousness.
The lecture will be followed by a practical exercise to make good use of your observation and transformation process by clearly formulating the commitment from negative to positive.

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