Judith Garten

Judith Garten

Judith Garten attended the Guide's lectures given at Eva's apartment starting at age 23. Since that time in 1971 she has been studying this extraordinary material and teaching it around the world. From 1985 to 1990, she was the executive director of the New York Region Pathwork and then served on The Pathwork
Foundation as a trustee. She is presently a helper and teacher using Moira Shaw’s The 50-50 Work
as a lens through which to understand the Pathwork lectures. Judith is a frequent leader of workshops and trainings worldwide. She has found excitement in bringing these remarkable teachings to groups as far- ranging as the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda, CEOs from the Harvard Business School, and HIV-infected drug addicts from East New York. She brings humor, kindness and a deep affection for all of humanity, particularly, at this time.

9:35 am - 12:05 pm
Ottawa, CA

Healing the Split Within Us is a Path to World Peace

Judith Garten | Live Transmission
Judith Garten's presentation is inspired by her close encounters with Rwanda's genocide survivors and the impact of The Holocaust on her early childhood. Her studies of these two events and her long connection with the Pathwork lectures has led her to understand how these calamities were created. We will explore how the Guide's teachings point the way out of the dark to light a path to a more peaceful world.

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