Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson is a Pathwork Helper, Board President, and (Former) Spiritual Leader from the Philadelphia Pathwork Region living in Central New Jersey. Richard is also a Mindfulness and Body Centered Psychotherapist specializing in working with LGBTQ+ identified clients living in a heteronormative and toxic system. Richard was introduced to the Pathwork lectures via Core Energetics in the mid-1990’s and first attended Pathwork weekends in Iowa City, Iowa. Richard moved to New Jersey and continued his work by joining a transformation program in 2001. He claimed Helpership in the Philadelphia region in 2012 and has lead intensives, and workshops in person and virtually. Richard identifies as a married, gay or same sex attracted, white, and cis-gendered male and uses He, Him, His pronouns.

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
Ottawa, CA

Identifying and Reconciling the Opposites in an LGBTQ+ Lived Experience

Presenter: Richard Carlson
In this presentation, participants will learn about the many considerations specific to understanding the lived experience of LGBTQ+ people in our communities. You will learn more about the intersections of a Queer child’s reactions to their caregivers, and their subsequent reactions to the larger heteronormative society leading to defenses and “splits”. You will come to understand more about the splits within each person’s relationship to themselves, to those close to them, and to the larger heteronormative society. You will gain a greater appreciation of how we can work with and reconcile these splits within ourselves, our workers, our communities, with more caring, compassionate, and conscious connection.

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